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Mjet Europe & Mercury sign Partnership

Posted on Aug 31 2001 09:07:50 AM by webmaster (860 views)
Virtual Airlines news and articles Mjet Europe & Mercury VA have signed an agreement wich allows both airlines to become the No.1 Operators between Portugal and other European cities...

Mercury (based in Lisbon) and Mjet Europe (based in Amsterdam) will operate code-shared flights between Funchal, Lisbon, Oporto, Faro & Amsterdam, Barcelona & Rotterdam.
During the winterseason there will be some experimenting on all routes concerning No. of frequencies, seatcapacity and ticketsales...

During the Summer of 2002 all fequencies will be changed, off course Holiday Spots like the Algarve & Madeira will be linked many times a week with Northern Europe by then.

Barcelona will only be linked with Lisbon, "there a proposals for future links with other portugese cities, but we dont want to rush things like this"
says Tijmen de Groot, one of the managers of Mjet Europe.

Mjet Europe is "thrilled" that this co-operation has been started up, "this should have happened years ago, these airlines are meant for eachother"said spokesman Peter Sandrichem earlier today.

Mjet Europe VA:

Mercury VA: