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A Breakthrough in 3D Gaming– New eDimensional Stereo Software for ATI and All Vi

Posted on Jul 22 2003 01:12:15 PM by webmaster (3618 views)
E-D Glasses & products from eDimensional Alexandria, VA (July 2003)--- eDimensional, Inc. the leading provider of consumer PC virtual reality products and accessories including the critically acclaimed E-DTM Glasses, announces patented new and improved 3D software created exclusively for the use with the E-DTM 3-D gaming glasses in conjunction with ATI, nVidia, Matrox and all other video cards. The software adds stereoscopic 3D functionality to existing video card drivers without adversely affecting performance or refresh rates.

Using internally developed patented algorithms and rendering processes, eDimensional has paved the way for virtually any PC gamer to enjoy true 3-D gaming the way it is meant to be played. By intercepting the video signal the E-DTM 3-D drivers interpret and convert a single video signal, producing a left and right perspective on the computer screen. When viewed with the E-DTM glasses, any regular game becomes a true 3-D experience where objects appear to float inside and in front of the monitor. This process was previously limited to nVidia cards which allowed this functionality. However, using a proprietary rendering process eDimensional has now overcome this obstacle, creating the first and only hardware independent software on the market. Furthermore, this software functions at a performance level that is far superior to previous rendering techniques and introduces revolutionary