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Posted on Apr 08 2003 11:04:37 AM by webmaster (5669 views)
Flight Simulator 2002 The virtual experimental design association has taken the next step in getting underway!!!!! With the sunday night release of kit#2 designers all over the world have began to build their respective concept aircraft to the design specs set by the veda design board and our adding their web reporter websites all over the net!!!!

The web reporters web site is like a hub at a virtual airline and it is the back bone of this event!!! Design teams are adding their staff to this web site and there aircraft are being developed behind the scenes!! No one has seen anyone elses designs or web sites as of yet but the veda coordinators and the competition looks fierce! This is sure to be one of the most exciting and fun events in a long time for the virtual simulating community because the event is evolving week by week and with the release of eack new kit designers, and web reporters dont know whats next untill they get the net kit to give them the rest of what is being called and exciting adventure in flight simulating!!! Come and join the fun because there is still time. Just goto the veda web site and get kit # 1 and kit#2 and hang on for one of the must indepth events that we have to offer at veda.


Contact [email protected] for any questions you have conserning this event.

Veda chairman

Otis watson

Veda sr. Concept examiner

Mark guess

Veda jr. Concept examiner

Anthony wiley

Veda flight officer

Marcus robinson

Veda awards director

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