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FS Addon Sharing Network announced for April 1st, 2003

Posted on Mar 24 2003 03:35:12 PM by webmaster (6119 views)
Flight Simulator 2002 (Mar. 24, 2003) Im very pleased to announce the availability of the first flightsim-dedicated peer-to-peer addon sharing service: FS Addon Sharing Network (FS-ASN). After the results of the current beta-testing, FS-ASN will be released April 1st, 2003.

The FS Addon Sharing Network (FS-ASN) is a separately installable software option that gives Users of FS Addon Manager an unvaluable new source for aircraft and sceneries for their Microsoft Flight Simulator. FS-ASN allows users to share their valuable collection of freeware addons with other fellow Users around the globe. It delivers the features of a full-fledged peer-to-peer (P2P) network with features such as:

    •Search by keywords with exlusion option
    •Multiple transfers from several Users at the same time
    •Automatic resume of interrupted downloads
    •32-bit CRC intergrity check of transfered files
    •Server part run as separate application for better stability and less memory usage
    •Configurable bandwidth management
    Each single addon (payware for instance) can be blocked from sharing
    •"BuddyList" to see online status of special friends
    •Realtime chat with users
    •... and many more!
FS-ASN is not intended for and cannot replace the existing download and community sites such as AVSIM and It is however a valuable source when it comes to the recurring situation of "Where could I find that particular aircraft that I love so much...". Also, these downloaded FS-AOM Hangar Packages have many advantages such as:

    •Already packaged for one-click installation within FS-AOM Hangar
    •Usually correctly configured
    •Most packages aleady contain correct FS-AOM Screenshots of the addons
FS-ASN adds an important functionality to the impressing set of features already available in FS Addon Manager. And I hope it can also bring a new technology to the benefit of our great Simming Community!

FS-ASN will be available beginning April 1st, 2003 free of charge for users of the most current major version of FS Addon Manager.