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CFS3 Download: The Battle of Britain Mega Pack

Posted on Feb 01 2003 01:27:53 AM by webmaster (11622 views)
SimWare Products File size : 74.9 MB
"The Battle of France is over… I suspect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin," said Churchill, in his famous parliamentary speech on June 18, 1940.

As a tribute to the "Few" and their gallant foes, Aeroplane Heaven have produced perhaps one of the finest collection of classic fighters currently available for flight simulation.

Each aeroplane is deadly accurate in shape, performance, features and detail. From the machine guns to the leading edge slats in the wings, everything is there for a thoroughly authentic flight experience. Instrument panels, together with the extremely detailed virtual cockpit, really puts you in the hot seat!

Detail extends to damage textures. These are what you see if you are unfortunate enough to be shot up in a dog fight. The aeroplanes are designed to break apart at strategic points. The damage then appears on the broken parts and whats left of your aeroplane (Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2/3).

Contains all auto installers for FS2002, CFS2 & CFS3 plus the extras (Flypast & scenery) and documentation.

Includes all of the following planes :

•Spitfire Mk1A (2 skins) - CFS2
•Spitfire Mk1A ( 2 skins) - FS2002
•Spitfire Mk1A - CFS3
•Hurricane Mk1 2-Blade Prop - CFS2
•Hurricane Mk1 2-Blade Prop - FS2002
•Hurricane Mk1 3-blade Prop (2 skins) - CFS2
•Hurricane Mk1 3-blade Prop (2 skins) FS2002
•Hurricane Mk2C Cannons (Last of Many) - CFS2
•Hurricane Mk2C Cannons (Last of Many) - FS2002
•Hurricane Mk1 & Mk2 - CFS3
•Messerschmitt Me109e (Galland skin) - CFS2
•Messerschmitt Me109e (Galland skin) - FS2002
•Messerschmitt Me109e (Galland skin) - CFS3
•Hurricane Mk2c RACER (G-AMAU Skin) - FS2002
•Free 3 plane Flypast - CFS2
•Free 3 plane Flypast - FS2002
•Documents ZIP file
•Scenery ZIP file

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