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Somting you may not have known

Posted on Jan 13 2003 11:50:33 AM by webmaster (3395 views)
With people from FlightSim World Did you know??? You can create your own virtual fleet. You can also find out about bugs and other......Things going on in the world of Flight Simulator. I know some of you know about it. Actually about 100 of you do. Its a little area of this site called the Flight sim Forums. You dont even have to leave the site. Go to the top of the page, and click Flight Sim Forums. Its that simple:).While your there, check out the latest bug reports from other Flight Sim fans. Create your own virtual fleet, for Multi Player Flight sim. (No offense but it gets a little boring seeing the same major airline plane) Create a Plane for a virtual fleet, with a custom logo and design. See what youve been missing. Its all right their in the Flight sim Forums