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New FSUIPC version available!

Posted on Dec 24 2002 02:15:02 PM by webmaster (8454 views)
Flight Simulator 2002 New version 2.95 is avalable at Peter Dowsons website, featuring the following improvements over the 2.94 Version:

• A separate surface visibility maximum for rainy/snowy weather is provided.
• Theres a new Joystick options page which provides facilities for configuring axes as thrust reverser, aileron trim and rudder trim.
• A bug is fixed in the visibility setting for external programs, which actually prevented the visibility being changed if the smoothing and graduation options were both disabled.
• A minimum visibility value of 1/100th mile is now imposed even if zero is specified. This is to avoid some odd graphics effects in FS2002 when zero visibility is attempted.

• Negative FS control parameter values can now be entered in the Buttons and Keys pages of the options.
• A bug in the hot key programming could result in application hot keys not being recognised. This occurs when an ALT+TAB key combination is used to swap to another program. On some systems FSUIPC sees the TAB key being pressed, but not released, so assumes it is still being held down.
• External program control over most of the FSUIPC weather filtering options switches is now provided through the IPC (see Programming Guide, offsets 3127-312F). The user still has an option to stop this happening, however.
• The gyro drift value at offset 0C3E is now writable in FS2002 as well as being readable.

FSUIPC is effectively a successor to FS6IPC.dll. Both modules are designed to allow external (i.e. separate) programs to communicate with and perhaps control Microsoft Flight Simulator. It seems some folks are rather confused about what this means, so I should emphasise here that Flight Simulator Panels (including their Gauges), Aircraft, Scenery and other graphics, and pretty much everything else within Flight Simulator, are mostly NOT correctable or influenced in any way by FSUIPC. Apart from some assistance in providing weather data to adventures, making adjustments in the weather itself, and enabling better access to some engine variables for some Gauges, FSUIPC can only help external applications talk to FS, nothing more.

Some FS applications that may seem to be separate applications are, in fact, not: FSNav, WidevieW, FSAssist and FSTraffic are examples of applications for FS that are