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Around the world in a single engine a/c

Posted on Dec 16 2002 10:16:49 AM by webmaster (3172 views)
Flight Simulator 2002 I have developed a "Deliver the mail around the world in a single engine A/C". It has no restrictions like ATC, co-pilots, clearences, wait your turn etc.. It has 217 flights that average about 40 minutes in duration. Strips range from -76 up to 12K. Most Sim mags are heavy into combat fighters and biggie a/c that require ARTCCs. There are a lot of "simmers" like me who like just to play around and have fun. That is the reason I developed this adventure. If you are interested in posting it here you are welcome to it. It is in Word Perfect format with a cover sheet and 51/2 pages of flights. Your comments please.
Ron Jorgensen San Luis Soyatlan, Jalisco, Mexico (retired in the sub-tropics)
e-mail is thanks