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  Eurofighter Austria NEW repaint! version FSX a single-seat (2) 
Eurofighter Austria NEW repaint! version image 4

Eurofighter is a single-seat, twin-engine, agile combat aircraft which will be used in the air-to-air, air-to-ground and tactical reconnaissance roles. The design of Eurofighter Typhoon is optimised for air dominance performance with high instantaneous and ...

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  FSX MiG-21 Fishbed Features 2D panel and static VC full  
FSX MiG-21 Fishbed image 1
Complete Aircraft with VC

Features 2D panel and static VC, full animations. By Bruce Fitzgerald.

Downloads: 1846 | 1.83 MB
  Flightsim FS2004 FS9 FSX 209 V4 lightfix Light positions  
Flightsim FS2004/FS9/FSX 209 V4 lightfix image 1

Positions fixed by Bodo for all Me209 by A.F.Scrub.Just replace the aircraft.cfg

Downloads: 716 | 34.74 Kb
  FSX Lockheed C-130H Hercules Adapted Eric Buchmann (6) 
FSX Lockheed C-130H Hercules Adapted FSX image 1
Complete Aircraft

Buchmann Original model By Mike Stone - This aircraft is built for FSX. The aircraft should work in FS2004, but I long longer directly support it. The base textures folder in this zip file contains base (unpainted) texture files for use in repainting. - ...

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  Flightsim FS2004 FS9 FSX 209 V4 April 26 1936 world  
Flightsim FS2004/FS9/FSX 209 V4 April image 2
Complete Aircraft with VC

The world was informed that a specialy modified version of the Luftwaffes single-seat fighter had raised the world air speed record to 755,11 km h (469,22 mph). Later, Messerschmitt tried to make a fighter out of the Me 209. One experimental plane was built, the ...

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  Civilian P51D Flightsim FS2004 FS9 VER2 powered Packard (4) 
Civilian P51D Flightsim FS2004/FS9/FS2004/ image 1

Civilian P51D powered by Packard Merlin V-1650-7:For personal use Extrnal model updates Photo real textures,full working Virtual Cockpit with 3d modeled guages, special Effects and unique sounds. New to this ver textured all little parts visable in Virtual ...

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  FSX SU-34 with 3 paint schemes Adapted Eric Buchmann (7) 
FSX SU-34 with 3 paint schemes Adapted FSX image 1
Complete Aircraft

Buchmann Installation: Just put in your FSX Simobjects Airplanes folder and then copy the contents of the effects folder into the main FSX Effects folder and it should work!!! ( Press ( i ) for afterburner effects Press SHIFT+F4 for afterburners) ...

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  Grizzly released testing items apparent major determined (2) 
Grizzly released testing image 1
Complete Aircraft

Some items have become apparent that, while not major, were determined to be easy to correct. Mods are included here for both Flightsim FS2004 FS9 and FSX versions, in armed and unarmed variants. This bundle comprises (a) new model files, which permit displaying ...

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  FS2004 FSX compatible Dassault Mirage G8 complete bundle  
FS2004 FSX compatible Dassault Mirage G8 image 1
Complete Aircraft

Bundle version 2, by Pat Grange. This is an renovated version of my Mirage G8, including 5 versions (single pilot or two seats) + a new 2D panel. The Dassault Mirage G8 was a twin engine fighter with variable sweep wings (swing wings), a very singular design ...

Downloads: 2375 | 8.51 MB
  CF-220 Grizzly FSX  
CF-220 Grizzly FSX image 2
Complete Aircraft with VC

Visual model completely reworked from my earlier versions, incorporating a Virtual Cockpit (no 2-D panel included). Total filesize amounts to 56% of my original Grizzly, despite having the Virtual Cockpit and added details. Textures included for Canadian Armed ...

Downloads: 3072 | 17.15 MB