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Download file  Type 42 Class Destroyers FSX 
Type 42 Class Destroyers FSX image 2

As someone who is interested not only in aviation, but also in matters maritime, I naturally gravitated towards carrier aircraft. There are a number of aircraft carriers readily available, both freeware and payware, but a dearth of escort vessels. Aircraft ...

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Download file  Mercedes-Benz Unimog 
Mercedes-Benz Unimog image 1

Three real life textures. Used by the Belgian Armed Forces. Features transport, medic and KFOR. Complete and standalone package! Original model by Mitsuya Hamaguchi. Repaint by Bert BEIRE DHondt, Belgium.

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Download file  Rosenbauer Panther 
Rosenbauer Panther image 1

A fictional representation of the used by the Belgian Air Force. Features 2 paints, the F03 based at Beauvechain AB (EBBE) and the F13 based at Kleine Brogel AB (EBBL). In real life, the Belgian Air Force uses Faun Kronenburg crashtenders instead of the Complete ...

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Download file  CFB North Star detail modification patch version 7.1 FSX 
CFB North Star detail modification patch image 1

For FSX. Requires Provides additional opened hangars with interior detail, as well as reworked microwave towers. FREEWARE by Brian Sturton.

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Download file  FSX TransBus 
FSX TransBus image 1

Copy and paste fsx the file to your fsx airplane folder note. . not tested in fs2004(fs9)... ENJOY!! . )

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Download file  FSX Pickup ( 
FSX Pickup image 1

Copy and paste the file to your fsx airplane folder note. . not tested in fs2004(fs9)... ENJOY!! by TheFireboys12

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Download file  FSX doublepack pilotable carrier Victorious Dido-class 
FSX doublepack pilotable carrier Victorious image 3

Cruisers. FSX doublepack for pilotable british Navy carrier HMS Victorious from 1944 and 4 cruisers of the Dido-class. The carrier has 3 different deck configurations with Corsair fighter planes on deck. This ships are generally flightsimulation ai-ships, made by ...

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Download file  FSX Porsche 911 GT2 year 1998 993 
FSX Porsche 911 GT2 year 1998 993 image 2

Four textures sets are included. The 3D-model and the basic textures (betaversion) are made by Jessy Corrales. Photographical 2-d panel, original Porsche racingsound and 4 sets of repainted textures by Erwin Welker.

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Download file  JEEP FSX ( 
JEEP FSX image 1

Contact information This is strictly for use with fsx , the flightsim 2004 version is also available

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Download file  Gudrun Maersk Container Ship FSX 
Gudrun Maersk Container Ship FSX image 1

Built by Odense Steel, Denmark. And operated developed by Maersk Line. Default AI ship from AND for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, made pilotable, and all work done developed by Timothy Marson (FSXF-Thunder). Effects, Lights, Smoke, Camera Definations, Contact ...

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