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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Fs2004 Grumman F-14b Tomcat. Accurate Gmax Model With Full Moving Parts, Virtual Cockpit And Photoreal Textures. Vf-32 swordsmen, Vf-102 diamondbacks And Vf-103 jolly Rogers Versions. Original 3d Gmax Model By Jeff Dobbing. Gauges Instruments And Effects Found On Internet. Gmax Model Rework, Textures, Panel, Etc. By Dino Cattaneo

Filesize: 30.60 MB | Added on: Mar 02, 2004 | Downloads: 16676

Users Reviews
FS2004 Grumman F-14b Tomcat. Rating: 9.28 of 10 over a total of 65 reviews.

mrawesome445rating: 10
January 4, 2011
cybercoprating: 8
September 29, 2007
But for the limited panel and VC functionality, this would be a 10. It is still well worth keeping.
AV8R02rating: 9
April 9, 2006
Total Score 9.6 Flight characteristics Handles nicely, but very sensitive. Instruments...Inoper ative......thus....9 ..rating ... Appearance...Excelle nt Notes ...Airbrake..... use...cautiously will stop plane on,...use in 1 10..sec..bursts. Controls 4...gets...AFTERBURN ER. Overall.....Excellen t..ride.
raymondsrating: 9
March 5, 2006
This is an awsome add on and a must have for retired warrior She move s very well .. 1 drawback no gauges other than that she
dcvingrating: 10
September 18, 2005
holly T thats thigs fast, its stops pretty damn quick though wierd, i pushed it up to mach 3.5 then ran out of fuel, those after burners are awesome, execallant work keep making more beutiful birds like that
COMA13rating: 10
September 16, 2005
Truely splendid
scott1991rating: 10
September 2, 2005
Amazing favorite plane to fly easy install only prob is vertual cockpit isnt interactive but it doesnt affect anything
bob666rating: 10
August 24, 2005
mega cool
anjinsan630rating: 10
July 30, 2005
As if you were the Iceman himself...I couldn t be more happy flying this plane. One of only military planes I ever fly. Only things would improve have there a sonic boom but perhaps that can installed separately . m not criticizing at all though. This is best F 14 download out i convinced anjinsan630
biged22rating: 10
July 1, 2005
This is a great plane and real joy to fly whenever you feel the need for speed. However i am having one problem that being can not figure out how make afterburner work. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks.
590227001rating: 10
June 28, 2005
I have just downloaded an F 14B, the one that is around 30MB and i did what read me file says. It wont work appear on create a flight screen add 14B to aiircraft folder, put gauges in effects folder so on. copy files, dont move whole folder. PLEASE HELP, this my favourite aircraft heard only good things about it HELP PS many past they worked fine
Oktafrating: 10
June 25, 2005
SimFlyer90rating: 10
June 13, 2005
The best F 14 I ever fly
sircrapsalotrating: 10
June 1, 2005
Great Plane Definately worth downloading to addon your whole fleet of fighter jets Almost flawless, except for some minor issues. One issue is that 95 the buttons in virtual cokpit dont work, and little extra things like afterburner toggle, chute, etc. are missing. GREAT PLANE ANYWAY THE SUPER SPOILER CAN BRING FROM MACH 1.2 TO 50 KNOTS IN LIKE 3 SECONDS addition fleet, hope you it P.S. Would not recommend people withoust joysticks
clauduisrating: 10
April 26, 2005
magnifique fabuleux merci les mecs
GT40rating: 9
March 10, 2005
Just great in every aspect, god flight dinamic and well desig, one of my favorits.
BlueCyaniderating: 10
February 18, 2005
Excellent aircraft.
feninskirating: 9
February 18, 2005
lok really cool only a question does it have sound barrier effect
bioingirating: 10
February 8, 2005
Great work
samuraibrewerrating: 6
February 1, 2005
GOOD This resource handles well and is responsive. It also looks great. However, none of the instruments worked. Rest assured, I m keeping this one.
sundayrating: 10
January 14, 2005
poppy60rating: 9
December 27, 2004
awesome flying machine
wow_ss2003rating: 10
November 28, 2004
OK After several days of messing up the upload and getting no gauges, I was fed with trying well love F 14 So tried one last time. Bingo had to us panel gauges from it worked boy am glad again great aircraft All nee now is a Aircraft Carrier, anyone know where get Please let me
flightmaster12rating: 10
November 22, 2004
This is an amazing aircraft that worth the download. If you are F14 fan must download this
renatolisrating: 10
October 15, 2004
it s the best I saw of this kind
scottb747rating: 10
September 14, 2004
WOW I m completely biased because think the F 14 Tomcat is most beautiful aircraft ever built but this by far and away best model have. Download it. it NOW.
purpleponcarating: 10
September 12, 2004
i give it a 20 but 10 is all can go in the top window, great aircraft, why did wait so long to download ll never know, keep up work and many thanx
WillyManrating: 8
September 12, 2004
Looking for a great flying experience it is worth downloading
EricEsascorating: 9
September 3, 2004
Outstanding effort I ve seen the update packages and do not think they are needed. Everything is in zip file if you extract it to a folder as then copy paste, easy that. Oh, person that could understand why speed brake stopped aircraft very exaggerated manner, please read me before criticize what understand.
RabidRobertrating: 7
August 29, 2004
I realy like flying this one Fast responsive without being too wild to handle
gravytrainrating: 10
July 17, 2004
ambaszrating: 9
July 15, 2004
Great work, congrats.
headnotrating: 9
July 7, 2004
I LOVE this plane. It s actually one of my favorite addons. have quite a few . Very detailed, it flies great, and like the sounds. Overall, is an awesome aircraft.
Torch1930rating: 10
June 21, 2004
knightrider74rating: 10
June 20, 2004
This is best add on I have seen .AWSOME it all seem to fly any more .Good job guys A .The texturs are great,the pannel the vc exept green front winshield wish there was away that off. Ehterwise most fun ive had flight simulater.
sonofarnierating: 10
May 25, 2004
Awesome plane
daheadcaserating: 10
May 12, 2004
I love this aircraft What can i say...... the best.
paint_ball_sniperrating: 10
March 30, 2004
Best aircraft I have. No question about it. Although wish it included the afterburner effect.
MiBarating: 10
March 28, 2004
Very detailed aircraft. Good work
SpectroProrating: 10
March 27, 2004
This is by far one of my favorite downloads. just a superbly done aircraft. A must for every FS er. The flight dynamics are quite accurate with course some variations from the real thing. However, if you built full sized cockpit and ran this plane in sim, would swear were flying animation textures fantastic. My only dissapointment came views inside cockpit. I wish when looked back to either side could see your wings as can In one, block which am guessing be seat. Again here, actually past seat reel. That too great addition, view, reel behind top ejection handles. still give 10 however, because aside that view problem, incredible MUST HAVE
Whitestonerating: 10
March 26, 2004
Very cool plane, just love to fly it But why can I stop using the brake flaps flying 800 knots and stops right where is....a little funny.... but thing, worth download
derpreglrating: 10
March 23, 2004
Best f 14 I ve ever seen. Nice vc
HOWLER304rating: 9
March 21, 2004
lython2000rating: 10
March 20, 2004
denisjrating: 8
March 18, 2004
xps73rating: 9
March 16, 2004
The F14 Tomcat on this file makes the whole game fun again. I really enjoyed it. Wish knew where to find gauges install in Thank you for putting web site
celestinrating: 9
March 15, 2004
Andy_Duongrating: 10
March 12, 2004
really nice, but the gauges doesn t work, bummer
pilotnas78rating: 5
March 12, 2004
Its a nice jet. but why don t the gauges work. There is gauge file. Why when you put it in your Gauge floder nothing happens. Can just get and for F 14.
Maximus7030rating: 9
March 11, 2004
GREAT F14B 1 of the best ive seen but sadly catapult does not work...
coastalrvrating: 10
March 10, 2004
Nice job Beautiful airplane. All the effects are perfect. Having been a Navy jet pilot in Vietnam, it brings me back to old days of flying F4 Bs.
DA78rating: 10
March 9, 2004
cool jet
Russ7mmrating: 10
March 7, 2004
Best I ever downloaded. added a NAV GPS switch and flew it from Reading Pa. to Houston in 1.7 hrs.
Antonhonrating: 10
March 7, 2004
Good Aircraft
TJ4561rating: 9
March 7, 2004
The Textures and sound were really well done on this aricraft very detailed. Good Job
micpl83rating: 6
March 6, 2004
Looks good, handles good but with no gauges I deleted the file.
batvetterating: 8
March 5, 2004
Flies great looks but the guages they no workee for me either.
jollyjrating: 9
March 4, 2004
daditydorating: 8
March 4, 2004
nice job ,is that tom in the rearview,a few more controls would be
rmazz502rating: 10
March 3, 2004
jetlinkrating: 9
March 3, 2004
Excellent animations and flight charecteristics. Sound could use some improvement. Overall great job though.
TurnNBurn4rating: 7
March 3, 2004
the gauges don t work which spoils it totally. but once i get a new cockpit will be good addon
oldfart90rating: 9
March 3, 2004
thump257rating: 8
March 2, 2004
The aircraft is beautiful. There may be some flaws, but I m not here to criticize. ve flown this Tomcat several times now, and find it a pure joy fly. don t know how accurate the flight model is, really care. plane just feels good me. And that s why fly sim. do appreciate realism, have fun. Kudos thanks
nukeyrating: 10
March 2, 2004