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Nicks Massive Crash Final FS2004 F9 & FS2000. Special Effects. All Users Of Massive Crash Are Urged To Install This Update. The Files Included Address And Fix Video Screen wash-out Issues On Impact When Using A High Quality Video Adapter And or When The Effects Quality Slider In The Simulator Is Set To Maximum. It Also Fixes wake Visually Renders Above The Water Level When Operating Seaplanes Or Other Water Type Aircraft. New Water Crash Effects Added. Improved Frame Rates With This Release Will Allow Those With Slower Video Adapters To Use Higher Effects Detail Settings. The Effects Have Also Been Better Tuned For Smaller Aircraft. If You Are Installing Massive Crash For The First Time, This Package Is What You Want To Download. Enjoy! By Nick Needham

Filesize: 1.19 MB | Added on: Nov 19, 2003 | Downloads: 12522

Users Reviews
Nicks Massive Crash Final FS2004 F9 & FS2000. Rating: 9.42 of 10 over a total of 24 reviews.

unpaintoukrating: 10
June 22, 2012
great one incredible hey guys, i ve got a tip for ya all if your rip wing off it will take some time to hit the ground and say crash. but you are fast enough, can press slew y get aircraft 99999ft watch fall from sky in fire sometimes, physics go nuts plane starts doing impossible things. really cracked me up continue make crash fx boss at thx
MarcelloOlirating: 10
June 24, 2010
joerbrannrating: 10
May 31, 2010
the effects were so cool
preworldrating: 10
August 5, 2007
GREAT is fantasic if u want to make a crash re
BrettHaberlyrating: 9
July 19, 2007
GREAT ADDON Very easy to install, Great effects, but if your computer does not allow you save in the aircraft.cfg file, effects will Not work.
sambilrating: 9
May 24, 2007
One Big problem..after installing all you want to do is crash...nice work..
volsungarating: 9
June 14, 2006
DUDE pat yourself on the back for me its ok if you tweek your arm Awesome. THANKS, ppl that make flight simulator worth time
stalbaumoto8rating: 10
April 3, 2006
this and all your fx are awesome
Sora26rating: 9
December 30, 2005
My computer says the file is corrupt, guess you need to re upload it. Looks great though
paparagrating: 10
July 25, 2005
I can t think of anything more that could make this better This a great crash sequence The first time ripped off wing on the King Air and wound up with two fire balls was spectacular 1st ball itself second remaining fuselage concrete runway when dipped it too low.. Thanks for fun addon.. Adds realism to your mistakes
eblundellrating: 10
April 24, 2005
GOOD GOD MAN your one hell of a destructive person...and i am to so thats what makes this addon freaken awsome
flyer_boyrating: 8
January 25, 2005
I actually havent downloaded this yet, still deciding, does download do anything if the prop hits ground
saom776rating: 10
November 5, 2004
This is nice i like it when hit the wing on ground and detaches blows up. wonder if you guys make something that makes plane blow up in mid air turn into a fireball be neat
offshoreeagle1rating: 7
October 5, 2004
julitorating: 9
August 15, 2004
I tested it with different A C and surfaces , works on grass like grounds water, but doesn t seem to work buildings, runway etc. anything that is made out of cement a great upgrade anyhow GOOD JOB
headnotrating: 9
July 11, 2004
These are some pretty nice explosions.
psagqrating: 9
April 17, 2004
twizzlerating: 9
April 15, 2004
Very nice download. I ate it a nine because did not work always
SpoofProofrating: 10
April 10, 2004
SpectroProrating: 9
March 30, 2004
Now this is FUN I tested quite a few planes with and most worked great. love the fire on engines after crash. While never got HUGE fireball, God knows tried, did get some really fun effects. If you scrape tail take off nice sparks. My favorite plane sheering apart catching if hit top of building. You see parts fall as nose section keeps going til it crashes. This riot Only thing can t figure out how to make camera stay away from so watch wreck. Mine, upon wrecking, jumps immediately main front lose cool effect fires such. Overall however, GREAT very add on. Can wait next incarnation
Geoffersrating: 10
December 15, 2003
Great Crash prog. I have CRASHBAK3 as well they work together FANTASTIC.MassiveCra sh with all aircraft CrashBak3 will not.Best a craft B25 wing comes of rolls burst in to fire ball.If you hit ground right.
mthierfelderrating: 10
November 24, 2003
klondikerating: 10
November 19, 2003
NickNrating: 10
November 19, 2003