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FS2004 Fs 2002 2004 FS2002 Panel Embraer 170 (8)

Fs 2002 2004 Flight Simulator 2002 2004 Panel Embraer 170. Includes A Virtual Cockpit, Folding Stairs, Rolling Wheels, Fully Viewable Cabin With Wing And Engine Views, And An Optional Added Panel. Aircraft By: Dreamwings, Packaged By: Steven Braggs.

Filesize: 9.33 MB | Added on: Oct 07, 2003 | Downloads: 7418

Users Reviews
Fs 2002 2004 FS2002 Panel Embraer 170. Rating: 7.50 of 10 over a total of 8 reviews.

ravensfreak0624rating: 10
April 19, 2009
Nice cabin view, good cockpit, handles very well. If you want a jet, this is the one
494b01945brating: 7
December 29, 2003
Nice outside visuals but I couldn t get the VC to work at all.
enginefire1rating: 7
December 6, 2003
This is inherently a good model with interesting features but for some reason I couldn t get the radios to function properly. Sucks when you can navigate. GPS works
rabbitweasel007rating: 10
November 20, 2003
One of the best To get real worth out it you need to an active camera at with camera, can literally walk around cabin. This is one few aircraft that supports this. You find others also goes in my top 5
massagerrating: 8
November 19, 2003
jawakebcrating: 9
October 20, 2003
One of the better aircraft built from scratch Looking forward to seeing different paint schemes.
cavo228rating: 8
October 17, 2003
could not get the gauges to come up
eyebrowrating: 1
October 12, 2003
shocking aircraft