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Fs2004 Stealth B2 Spirit Full Package 3. 0 Stealth B2 Full Package 3. 0 For Fs9. New Accurate Gmax Model Full Moving Parts, Dynamic Shine Effects And Reflective Textures. Landing Light And Lighting Effects. Accurate Sound. Visually Realistic Panel Included 3 Multi Function Display, 18 Working Monitor Switches, Switchable Gpws, Fictional Meteo Radar, Fuel Computer, Help On-line And Much More. Specific Fs2004 Flight Dynamics. By Ruggero Osto.

Filesize: 7.73 MB | Added on: Sep 30, 2003 | Downloads: 22912

Users Reviews
FS2004 Stealth B2 Spirit Full Package 3.0 Fs9. Rating: 8.62 of 10 over a total of 47 reviews.

hotwatermusikrating: 8
March 8, 2012
1430478470-facebookrating: 10
June 25, 2011
awesome, thx
magician09rating: 7
June 2, 2011
Plane is ok, flys nice but the textures need alot of work. even humped shape cockpit has a few sharp edges. It would just be much better it more detail was paid to outside paint and actual setup instruments
caneren23rating: 10
August 1, 2009
howeerating: 10
April 8, 2008
trimi38rating: 10
February 23, 2008
grate craft, try to get gun sound fx that wold be amaseing 10
shoshuirating: 10
June 8, 2007
1joyfulturtlerating: 10
December 27, 2006
great plane
dsaarating: 10
September 29, 2006
aykutik2rating: 10
August 5, 2006
305 love you aircraft
ste_dewsrating: 7
July 3, 2006
changes in this aircraft should be that the flaps work under engines and rudders on clamp shells possibley bomb bay doors as tailhook option refuel port at shift w then ill realy impressed but all it looks good flys good, love sound of engnes idle when they are powering up excellent panel texture plane
sciantorating: 8
April 2, 2006
I was surprised for the panel and realistic flyability. Good work
ZHillrating: 9
January 19, 2006
one of the most realistic military flights I have ever played.
Theclubalotrating: 9
January 18, 2006
great plane flys easy landings i can never get but if could learn to land im sure it would be as good take off
richardheadrating: 9
December 30, 2005
amzaing no other phrase for it just amazing
raphaelrenerating: 10
December 20, 2005
nice pnael. sound. aircraft
Luke771rating: 10
December 13, 2005
this one is really good I think its the first time rate a plane 10. had payware version no names but switched back to freeware one. dont need say more
analisi22rating: 9
November 27, 2005
GoDaSrating: 6
September 3, 2005
Only 6 rate cause of landing gears that doesn t appear when on ground and the plane isn big enough compared to original More over, 3D panel is awfull maybe it s a bug in my FS version .
Cadet985rating: 10
August 14, 2005
excellent aircraft overall. cery easy to fly, very understand the panel
coppercatrating: 10
August 11, 2005
like tony the tiger says its gggreat
HotSSpotrating: 9
March 20, 2005
Hey 310630, I have friends that are chinese, and to compare them aliens is down right dirty.
Falcon_162rating: 8
February 12, 2005
I gave it an eight, no 3D panels and virtual cockpit, otherwise she flies real nice handles easy even on landings. Can easily get a 10 rating if were enhanced.
samuraibrewerrating: 5
February 1, 2005
FAIR This resource looks great. No VC, and I couldn t get the panel to work. But, if you need Stealth Bomber in your hangar, this is it.
jeff357rating: 9
January 18, 2005
The best aircraft I have downloaded yet. First flight for me in the B 2 was over Moscow.
wow_ss2003rating: 8
November 26, 2004
Great Download I ve seen the real thing in action and this sim is as good it gets. rated 8 because no 3D view, but worth your time to download.
neopierrating: 10
October 31, 2004
Nothing else to say, that very, very nice plane
Tacops15rating: 10
August 30, 2004
this is the best aircraft
gunnerdograting: 9
August 9, 2004
Lots of fun to fly.Great panel.Good job A
ostachrating: 8
July 13, 2004
hmm... good model, but there are some errors in painting. But as a whole it looks good, flys well and easy. Easy to land. if you use pushback falls on tail. its not essential. EPWA EPGD 20 min.
jand1235889rating: 10
April 2, 2004
Best B 2 I ve ever downloaded. Realistic panel, flies great, easy to land. Fun fly anywhere. Quality just like the real thing. Thank God it s on my side. GOD bless US.
Aceismerating: 10
March 30, 2004
Its awesome
birddog55rating: 9
March 29, 2004
O.K. this is what I m talking about The details are awesome, it flys great, very challenging. still learning my way around the avionics and couldn t find nav radios but sure they re in there somewhere. Installation was Birddog proof can believe cool stuff like free. Thanks for great plane
Andicleezrating: 10
March 16, 2004
GREAT plane. It looks very nice, the graphics are wonderful and it has extras like moving control surfaces, an opening exit with a retracting ladder, flys wonderfully The panel is unique, no other
kita70rating: 10
March 15, 2004
This aircraft is very enjoyable to fly. Takes a little time figure out all the systems and switches, but that have fun. Great job. I look forward your next design
egertrating: 10
February 8, 2004
Great Aircraft The panel is great it must have took a long time to make Download ASAP.
canastreetrating: 8
January 12, 2004
310630rating: 7
January 10, 2004
Very nice panel. But, the pilots look like aliens or Chinese.
olivimlrating: 10
December 29, 2003
rosscarterrating: 1
December 28, 2003
lucadirating: 6
November 17, 2003
Genschmanrating: 6
November 12, 2003
mam34rating: 6
November 5, 2003
melochedanielrating: 10
October 28, 2003
Ian333rating: 7
October 19, 2003
It was Pretty good but still needs a little work.
esamrating: 10
October 15, 2003
merlin2002ukrating: 7
October 5, 2003