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Fs2002 fs2004 Mcdonnell F-101b c rf-101c Voodoo The F-101 voodoo Was Designed By Mcdonnell Aircraft Corporation As An All Weather Fighter Interceptor For The Usaf. The Prototype First Flew On March 27 1957, And Was Fitted With The Mg-13 Fire Control System With Automatic Search And Track Mode. Intended Originally As A Long-range Escort Fighter For The Strategic Air Command. It Was No Longer Needed In This Role When The B-36 Bomber Was Replaced By The B-52. Accordingly, The F-lola Was Adapted For Multi-purpose Interceptor fighter-bomber Duties And Subsequently Was Delivered To The Tacitical Air Command. The All Missile Armament Was Carried Internally, And Included The Falcon Air-to-air Missile And Genie Nuclear Warhead Missile. It Was An F-lolb That Flew The Usafs First Supersonic Radar Int
Show more... ercept On June 9, 1958. This Aircraft Is Made By Fsds Ver. 2. Full Moving Parts Such As Opening Of The Canopy And Drag Chutes Etc. Are Contained. The Panel And The Gauges Instruments Are Not Included In This File. By Kazunori Ito. Show less...

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Users Reviews
FS2002 FS2004 Mcdonnell F-101b c rf-101c Voodoo F-101. Rating: 7.87 of 10 over a total of 15 reviews.

larry_m882rating: 5
March 13, 2006
Without the guages and panel what good is it. The aircraft otherwise beautifully done
sparkmanrating: 4
February 15, 2004
Here we go again all necessary programming not incluted........gone from my squadron
RonHillrating: 8
November 30, 2003
Nice paint job, handles nicely and good action. The deployed dragchute while airborne is disconcerting. Maybe it could be triggered when the aircraft on ground I have a Beta Canadian panel availble for Voodoo my website, ddron RonHill
britowebrating: 9
October 26, 2003
Wonderful handling. Perfect detailed.
merlin2002ukrating: 7
October 5, 2003
zoomerx13rating: 9
September 28, 2003
Great Plane, Nice Paintjob but as always there is room for improvement.
tangsrating: 7
September 21, 2003
Good skin but needs a cockpit It suck without it
tdtdrating: 9
September 17, 2003
floberosrating: 10
September 16, 2003
Wolf-gangrating: 5
September 12, 2003
needs a cockpit
hingemasterrating: 10
September 9, 2003
00cirerating: 9
September 7, 2003
This plane flies well. It handles well and looks great. There isn t a panel with it at least not yet , which big deal, but would be nice to have. I give solid 9.
Razzazrating: 8
August 28, 2003
Great job and a nice plan ....but no panle ... Where we can faind the gauges thank u
Bullpenrating: 8
August 27, 2003
Handles like a dream. Doesn t over or under respond to inputs. Moving parts look great and the only reason I don give it ten is because there isn panel included. Otherwise, wonderful job
laymarcorating: 10
August 27, 2003