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B-17e Thunderbird With Multiplayer Bombing Capabilities: To Release Bombs Simply Use Cannon Trigger On Your Joystick. Thunderbird B-17g #42-38050 (359bs) Bn-g. Flew 112 Combat Missions. Note: Thunderbird Used The Letter Codes bn-u During All Of Her Combat Missions. The u Was Changed To g Following Her Last Combat Mission On 22 March 1945 At Which Time She Was Declared war Weary And No Longer Used For Combat Operations. Dedicated To The hells Angels 303rd Bg Both Authentic And Sim Squadrons Textures repaint By Robert hawk (bds Hawk) Hawk@immortal. com

Filesize: 7.56 MB | Added on: Aug 20, 2003 | Downloads: 3235

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B-17e Thunderbird With Multiplayer Bombing Capabilities. Rating: 3.67 of 10 over a total of 3 reviews.

kudarating: 1
March 20, 2006
bad zip file
Geoffersrating: 9
September 21, 2003
If you put the gauges ih correct folder they work bit hard to fly or it may be me.good add on worth time download. Geoffers
Olhippyrating: 1
August 25, 2003
Would you buy an automobile with no istruments or controls No, of course not. So why would anyone want aircraft without instruments It looks great on the ramp runway but can t fly it. s useless not worth time and effort to download.