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SKYCAR M400 Advanced Version 4 for FS2002 Pro and FS2004   [Reviews]
SKYCAR M400 Advanced Version 4    FS2002 Pro image 1
SKYCAR M400 Advanced Version 4    FS2002 Pro image 2

SKYCAR M400 sophisticated Version 4 for FS2002 Pro and FS2004. By AC Kerkhove - waving epithet Is Phsky1. This Version Off The M400 Is For Fs2002 Pro Only. And The New Version Off Microsoft Fs A hundred Of Flight.

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Filesize: 14.56 MB | Added on: 03-Jun-2003 | Downloads: 7371 | Total Votes:: 14 | Overall Rating: 8.50

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Users Reviews

SKYCAR M400 Advanced Version 4 for FS2002 Pro and FS2004 8.50 of 10 over a total of 14 reviews 14 user opinions

Total of 14 comments

User: purpleponcaRating: 8March 18, 2007
User's Average Rating: 8.9# of Ratings: 85
you know when this first came out i thought it would never fly (in reality) but i guess i was mistaken, but.... im not mistaken about this flying model, a lot of work went into it but i only give it an 8 because you cant take off straight up little nose heavy or too much thrust aft, but anyway it pretty awesome download and try yourself, happy flying

User: OzkarRating: 10May 4, 2006
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 1
its great

User: CHarmed_OneRating: 10April 8, 2006
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 1
I like it

User: Sora26Rating: 10December 29, 2005
User's Average Rating: 7.8# of Ratings: 4
Love the Skycar, been in love with it since I saw it in Pop-Sci. To get VTOL to work, you need to set flaps to 10, i think 3 taps of F7 should do it, never go full, thats why you get the forward pitch :). Hope this helped.

User: EnDSchultzRating: 7July 26, 2005
User's Average Rating: 8.2# of Ratings: 6
I should probably mention, while it is a pretty good aicraft and a wonderful addition, the vstol doesn't work in FS9. Not sure about FS2002, but in FS9 when you set maximum flaps (engines verticle) the rear comes up but the nose of the craft just dives toward the ground. Maybe because FS2004 uses a different flight model, other than that a great aicraft.

User: Pilotdude51590Rating: 1February 23, 2005
User's Average Rating: 6.4# of Ratings: 7
Honestly this add-on sucked! It crashed my flight simulator multipule times and is way to big of a file.

User: soznizzleRating: 10January 27, 2005
User's Average Rating: 10.0# of Ratings: 1

User: TWC_VoodooRating: 9January 4, 2005
User's Average Rating: 9.0# of Ratings: 7
I love this thing! I've been following the developement of the Moler Sky Car for years. This is a very nice representation. The best part's an actual concept vehicle. Only reason why a 9 is I would like a little better instruction on using it lol

User: Big_RickRating: 8November 4, 2004
User's Average Rating: 8.1# of Ratings: 34
An excellent package! VC looks a little plain, but this is very minor. A wonderful addition to FS, and superb docs. When can we buy the real one???

User: thechosen1Rating: 10July 13, 2004
User's Average Rating: 8.7# of Ratings: 12
outstanding, exterior, interior, panels, everything, but also takes a lot of practice 2 fly

User: gravytrainRating: 10July 12, 2004
User's Average Rating: 6.0# of Ratings: 28
My favorite aircraft of all time!

User: beebRating: 9July 8, 2004
User's Average Rating: 7.3# of Ratings: 21
very good details need to practice like sparkman said

User: sparkmanRating: 8December 6, 2003
User's Average Rating: 7.0# of Ratings: 130
This is without a doubt the coolest yet, a 10 on finish, enterior, dash, are perfect. But so far a 10 on difficulty.....practice, practice, practice. That's the good part about sim's, 1) you don't die, 2) you don't need insurance, and 3) the craft keeps on repairing it's self!

User: windrider991Rating: 9July 24, 2003
User's Average Rating: 7.7# of Ratings: 3
What a BLAST to fly! I have been following the development of Mr. Mollers' Sky Car since it was on the cover of Popular Mechanics magazine,and have allways wanted one of them, Well , now i have! It is very interesting sim, one that takes a little time to learn,much like harrier pilots must have to do.The transition from flight to hovering for a landing has been really fun to learn! All I can say now is,That I REALLY WANT ONE NOW !!! A great download for sure,4 paint schemes, great sounds and a great,detailed vr cockpit! My highest kudos' to this author!!!

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