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A Version Of Bell 205a-1 Uh-1d Huey Thanks To Jordan Moore For The Excellent Design Work, Original Version belluh1h. zip. This Version Of The Bell 205-a-1 (uh-1h Huey) Includes A Paint Theme Of Luftwaffe Gaf Uh-1d Vip, The Panel Which I Have Included Is My Own. This Helicopter Is Fully Animated And Upgraded With The huey Sound Package. I Have Upgraded The Nav. Lights In The Correct Position And Added Those That Were Missing And One Rotating Beacon On The Bottom, The Horizontal Stabilizer, Cyclic And Rudder Pedals, And Landing Light Are Animated. The Lights Are Independantly Operated From The Switchs Inside The Cockpit On The Collective And The Landing Light Can Also Be Operated By A Switch Or From ctrl L. The Helicopter Has Had A Major Overhaul So That Additional Parts (ie: Ground Handling
Show more... Wheels, Tie Down Straps, (visible When A c Is Shut Down), Ext Speaker, Cargo Hook, Steps, Antenaes, Pilot & Co-pilot Doors Open) And Various Textures Could Be Individually Added And Painted. The Pilot And Co-pilot Doors Open When The Aircraft Is Shut Down, Then Close When Rotor Rpm Increases. The Cargo Doors Open And Close With The Landing Light Switch Or ctrl L. Modifications And Textures repaint By: Lynn Rogers Instrument Panel By: Lynn Rogers Woodworth at alaskalife. net Show less...

Filesize: 7.41 MB | Added on: May 11, 2003 | Downloads: 3587

Users Reviews
A Version Bell 205a-1 Uh-1d Huey Jordan Moore Excellent. Rating: 10.00 of 10 over a total of 6 reviews.

FAKP3rating: 10
January 4, 2007
Super Sound, gute Graphik, macht viel Spa damit zu fliegen. Greetings from Germany
Fredsenrating: 10
August 16, 2006
i absolutley agree...this helicopter is so much fun to fly
irlguy007rating: 10
July 21, 2003
trabalhatumalandrorating: 10
May 25, 2003
timarorating: 10
May 24, 2003
cole1151rating: 10
May 14, 2003
I know some of my past comments have been flakey but this by far is one the best helicopters ive flown and has so many cool effects