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This Is A Real Video Of An F14 Tomcat Doing An Extremely Low Flyby While Breaking The Sound Barier. Very Cool To Watch As The F14 Passes By exclusively 30 Feet Above The Hard Deck. Upload By Zibom

Filesize: 1.28 MB | Added on: Jan 29, 2003 | Downloads: 4284

Users Reviews
A Real Video An F14 Tomcat Extremely Flyby Breaking Sound. Rating: 7.90 of 10 over a total of 10 reviews.

jodoe2rating: 7
December 11, 2004
It was a pretty good video although I have seen more interesting one where the F 14 flys by and explodes due to some malfunction. forgot found it but when do if remember ll post here.
cmitch66rating: 8
May 6, 2004
Where s the sound
mavnkafrating: 10
April 21, 2004
This short film shows the sound barrier being broken. I did not belive that primary shock wave to be so steep For me, it proves it. You gotta see mavnkaf
SpectroProrating: 8
April 17, 2004
This is GREAT. Having spent time on a Carrier, I have had chance to see this few times. Talk about wild Would given it 10 been bit longer with sound. fantastic footage though. Note others, notice that the halo forms in FRONT of plane..not behind it. It then gets drug along plane after flys through
RobertAgiusrating: 7
March 8, 2004
Goog job, but dissapointing because I hade no sound.
district48rating: 9
February 13, 2004
RobZrating: 10
February 7, 2004
Simply Awesome .... You don t get to see this every day. The beauty is in the technology itself. Nothing ugly about this. I love it.
rewqrating: 1
February 17, 2003
damn its ugly
stormeyerating: 10
February 10, 2003
Amazing and very impressive its caught on video, the cloud thingy that forms is called a halo, something to do with water vapour air pressure changes as you go supersonic. excellent footage .
Forge89rating: 9
February 3, 2003
Awsome It s really amazing... Just 1 question, what is that cloud thingy forms behind the jet as it speeds by out of curiosity...