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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Project Airbus A300-600st Beluga (f-gstd) Featuring: Full 3d Moving Parts Including Flapperons, multiple Airbrakes spoileron Spoilers Function, opening Doors, 3d Interior, 3d Rotating Fan-blades, thrust Reversers, Animated Gears, steerable Nose Wheel Controls Pilots Head, rolling Wheels, tilting Bogies, Lights, Emergency Ram Air Turbine. Visual:thomas Ruth;technical Advisor:trevor Slack;textures:nickw u;fd:patrick Saint-dizier

Filesize: 3.64 MB | Added on: Dec 21, 2002 | Downloads: 7021

Users Reviews
Project Airbus A300-600st Beluga f-gstd Featuring Full 3d. Rating: 6.67 of 10 over a total of 12 reviews.

dogman_danrating: 6
November 25, 2016
pilotedea380rating: 4
March 4, 2010
mustang111rating: 8
November 5, 2006
Try useing the key for lowering concordes nose.. you may have to assign a do this.. I A400 M transport and it took me ages figure out how open doors however this was answer prob.. i hope helps give try happy landings O very nice beluga btw
Timeerating: 1
January 5, 2006
dont work for FS2004 awwww
troublewalking65rating: 8
October 21, 2004
rubikorating: 10
March 18, 2004
verry good
Bockwurstrating: 8
February 3, 2003
It is a very good aircraft looks great, the brakes are and it flys brilliant. But I don t know how to open mouth of Beluga . Please help me write comment.
Catacamasrating: 9
January 1, 2003
First class add on looks brilliant, flys excellent, stops fine when you deploy the spoilers, which are modeled exceptionally well. Wonderful addition. I usually avoid heavies but this is a treat. Objectivity declares 9 due to V C could have been nicer for such great A C. suggest grab one.
eeorrrating: 9
December 27, 2002
Just what I ve been waiting for. had all the air bus aircraft for fs 2000 but was disappointed that will not run in fs2002,this is great.
me2rating: 8
December 27, 2002
I really like this one it is easy to fly and land. The only thing that needs work the animation on cargo doors but outside of a great plane
Zygfrydrating: 7
December 24, 2002
i don t know how to open this aircraft Please help me, write what command I have press. Nice details.
paemtrating: 2
December 22, 2002
doesnt stop when hit the brakes