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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Freeware GMAX Converted USN EA-6B Prowler for Flight Simulator 2002. Panel included. Full animation using GMAX. Front and Rear Virtual Cockpits with night lighting and crystal clear gauges, Folding Wings, Forward and Rear opening Canopys, unfolding stairs, Tail Hook, Spoilerons, Nose wheel steering, etc. etc., U. S. exclusively Jet aircraft, used to protect fleet surface units and other aircraft by jamming hostile radars and communications. By Rick Sasala

Filesize: 1.78 MB | Added on: Jul 12, 2002 | Downloads: 2581

Users Reviews
Freeware GMAX Converted USN EA-6B Prowler FS2002. Rating: 8.55 of 10 over a total of 11 reviews.

super_monchorating: 8
July 27, 2006
the airframe and everything looks good, with exeption that speedbrakes open, flaperons open too, i work on prowlers only way happens is when doing functional check flights. panel no close to prowler one.
8492rating: 9
July 31, 2005
COOL the panel needs work BUT... there is some programe in it that makes wings brake off if you crash into buildings and plane catches fire cool efect
Pete_1rating: 10
July 27, 2004
June 7, 2004
Overall a nice MOD. It has big jet feel to it. still needs little guage work though.
Samuraibrewerrating: 5
January 30, 2003
Good Everything is there but I couldn t get the air speed indicator to work on panel. Otherwise, d give this aircraft a 9 of 10
Catacamasrating: 9
January 5, 2003
Must have the Grumman line and this is a fine Rep. of Intruder
redhawkrating: 8
November 7, 2002
great flight model, panel needs a little work to get 10 rating
Frostbiterating: 9
October 30, 2002
This is my favorite A C to date It looks and flies incredably. great verson of this modern classic. I loved it
uniwerxrating: 9
October 20, 2002
Nice model with attention to detail.
GHOST2002rating: 10
September 11, 2002
Your the bomb man I have never flown anything smooth like this on any Microsoft Flight Sim mostly novalogic. Even though am giving a 10 rating still needs improvement downloading your new panel right now so it may already been improved. There were no auto pilot or radio controls. think another cool would be to add moving map and night vision. Based performance of plane people should help build up technology. Thanks again for sharing fun with me public.
spatchcorating: 8
July 30, 2002
beautiful detail,very easy to fly