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FS2002 Extra 300 "Halcones" Chile aerobatic team The Halcones Aerobatic Team use 5 airplanes for the show and 2 for reservation on the ground. Built in Germany by Walter Extra. The Extra 300 is powered by the 300 Hp Lycoming AEIO 540-L1B5 engine, giving it the ability to fly from hovering speeds to a fast stage-transiting speed of 250 mph (400+ kilometers per hour). A maximum roll rate in excess of 340 degrees per second, coupled with a body-crunching + 10 "G" Load Factor and 3200 feet per minute climb rate make the German-built Extra 300 the right aircraft to promote flight safety and the thrill of aviation. Includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit and an instrument panel. Aircraft designed by Mikko Maliniemi. Panel and Textures repaint by Claudio Rojas. Flight Simulator 2002 upgrade and smoke effect by Rolf Fleckenstein.

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