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Space Shuttle Pack For FS2002. Includes Three Versions Of Shuttle, With Booster Rocks, Reentry And Standalone. Includes Sounds And Panel By Vanessa Leightower. By Roger maddog Gaylor

Filesize: 2.39 MB | Added on: Apr 25, 2002 | Downloads: 13270

Users Reviews
Space Shuttle Pack FS2002. Rating: 6.81 of 10 over a total of 9 reviews.

100000538210885-facebookrating: 8
December 3, 2010
good work now whe need more of these planes for fsx then i can rate it to an 10
briansnfsrating: 4
January 20, 2004
the shuttle panel is pretty good, but you have to close a window in order see panel. use fuel tank and srb s , switch air craft middle of flight. once done that it very,very hard keep stable. It almost impossable.But if like challange fun . worth down load just try.
tdtdrating: 5
March 16, 2003
Cartoon model, same cockpit as 737
Zuerichwestrating: 2
February 17, 2003
Kronotaurrating: 10
January 8, 2003
I liked this download. All 3 aircraft worked great for me and had fun flying them. However, as said in the preceding comments conferm that it does crash imediatly after you load shuttle with boosters fuel tank. Just work on will be perfect. have to start out basic shuttle, use slew mode point up get off ground, then switch aircraft. It also crashes some reason when 100,000ft msl. VERY FUN
dribben55rating: 9
June 26, 2002
i only got one of the shuttles how do you getr others. anyway great aircraft
Anonymousrating: 10
April 27, 2002
SaC_jmrwackorating: 9
April 27, 2002
I liked the way this rocket could reach 100,000 feet altitude in less than 15 seconds, but you need to set it up right, since always crashes because is facing towards sky.
Anonymousrating: 10
April 26, 2002