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FS2002 Focke-Wulf 190A in Traditional Markings. This is repainted textures of my previous CFS FW190A aircraft with "MDL" file changes so that the aircraft will be properly displayed in FS2002. Special FS2002 "FX" and Smoke effects added Based on the work of CFS2 effects masters, Nibbio, Nanni and Ghostpony.. All aircraft textures have been updated. As a fighter, the Fw 190A outperformed the older British Spitfire V's that had surpassed the contemporary 109s. The Spitfire didn't catch up to the Fw 190A until the July 1942 appearance of the Spitfire IX. Although it was designed as a fighter, the Fw 190 was readily adaptable to many other missions. This aircraft Uses the Fw 190a Panel and was tested in FS2002. All flight surfaces are moveable, retractable landing gear, transparent cockpit. Textures repaint based on original picture by Thomas A. Tullis with the numbers 7-11 on the side. Textures repaint by Bob Bongiovanni.

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FS2002 Focke-Wulf 190A Traditional Markings. Rating: 5.00 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

viperxl2000rating: 9
April 2, 2006
who ever said this was a britisg plane apparently didnt see that it is foke wolf 190 which in fact german and used by the germans world war two. i dont think calling spitfire ment to be so just wanted clear things up.
thegoodlookerrating: 1
January 28, 2004
Hmm let me see, this plane is the best ever. Its British and it won war for us. The fact that has a German panel mentioning of being outperformed an absolute disgrace. paint scheme terrible. if ne1 was to see spitfire in german colour scheme, they would cry. That too good that, only RAF deserved,,nothing less. especially NAZI s