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FS2002 FJ-3 FURY In 1944, North American Aviation submitted a design for a swept-wing day fighter which could also be used as a dive-bomber or escort fighter. Two model XP-86s were contracted in late 1944, but were not built until after WWII due to the incorporation of several design modifications which were prompted by German research data. The first XP-86 model flew on 1 October 1947, powered by a 3, 750-pound thrust G. E. J35 engine. After it was re-engined with a more powerful G. E. J47 turbojet the following spring, it was redesignated the YP-86A, and exceeded the speed of sound in a shallow dive. The first production model was initially designated the P-86A, but became the F-86A in June 1948. By the time the new fighter entered US Air Force service in 1949, it had gained the name Sabre. By Rey Lopez

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