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FS2002 Airports Area Valdivia Chile A Detailed And

FS2002 Airports of the area of Valdivia, Chile A detailed and authentic recreation of the airports Pichoy, Las Marias, and Los Maitenes, around the city of Valdivia. This is probably one the most beatiful places in the world with its all-year-around lush vegetation, impressive snow capped volcanoes next to the many lakes in the area, and beatiful little towns. Now you can visit it and fly from one realistic airport to another. Pichoy is the main airport of Valdivia city and is served by Boeings 737 727 and the Airbus 320. Las Marias is the city airoport and Los Maitenes belongs to the Club Aereo Rio Bueno located an hour from Valdivia. This scenery includes the most important buildings and airport installations, with realistic Day Nighttime effects and seasonal effects on the surrounding grounds; static planes and airport vehicles give a super realistic feel to it. By Csar Carrasco

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