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FS2002 TENERIFE SUR scenery The scenery is compatible with the msfs default fs2002 dynamic scenery. Night effects. This airport has three moving gates, gaates 1, 2 nd 3, F1, F2 and F3 parking positions in this scenery is used to park medium aircraft MD80, B737 aand so, bigger ircraft must park on the other gates. F1 position has an automatic docking system, the rest of the positions have a marsheller. When the marsheller indicates STOP, select the following frequencies in the NAV1 to see how the gate moves. By Francisco Urquia

Filesize: 1.85 MB | Added on: Jan 30, 2002 | Downloads: 1792

Users Reviews
FS2002 TENERIFE SUR scenery compatible with msfs default. Rating: 7.27 of 10 over a total of 10 reviews.

exfiremanrating: 1
March 5, 2007
you have to go a site and pay for it
gettaponterating: 10
March 7, 2004
stodgerating: 1
June 26, 2003
for some reason i could not find the airport
1112rating: 10
June 4, 2003
Great docking system It actually fits the 737 and looks real Even has people to guide you in. dock even moves. makes it look more without using a lot of space. The only thing about this is gate for 737s.
pixmikerating: 9
March 4, 2003
very good Marshellers and docking system too. You can enter in some hangars. thx
jamjarrating: 9
January 7, 2003
all i can say is excellent scenery
sniberating: 8
November 6, 2002
jmcv1rating: 10
August 5, 2002
Es fantastico y superrealista
Anonymousrating: 6
April 14, 2002
Anonymousrating: 10
March 26, 2002