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FSX Ilyushin Il-86X. Pre-release Prereliznaya version of the IL-86 for Flight Simulator X. We offer you a model of the IL-86 for FSX. This model the result of porting a complex Stepan Gritsevskogo and my visual model on Wednesday FSX SP2. NCP and the visual model have been substantially reworked in the porting process, added some features that were not available in versions for FS9, part of the functions has been altered or removed. Composition of the NCP model basically identical onomu in extreme versions of NCP for FS9, but there are changes: NCP completely redesigned to adapt it to FSX. Ability of OMV from the two sets of inertial navigation system and 21 Removed the possibility Rabta OMV from a satellite receiver KLN-90B due to the inability to adapt to the FSX, for several reasons. Re
Show more... moved the menu choice of the degree of realism at the start of each flight. Due to the fact that the user usually selects it for myself once. The parameter is now set through a configuration file in a string IL86_GAU. CFG realism_level 1 or 2. Configuration files transferred from the FPSO Gauges folder in a folder Panel, together with the devices themselves Dll Added a number of devices, such as Diss. Changed the structure of the panel, partly, due to changes in the composition of the OMV Changes in the visual model. Model is fully adapted to FSX, has dynamic shadows and is compatible with Dx10 Increased the number of polygons in the model, fixed minor bugs, redesigned animation, added Custom keypad light traps and Kiel. The virtual cockpit is completely redesigned: Fixed errors in the geometry A full reteksturirovanie VC. Increased detailing Completely redesigned system of instruments in the VC introduced the so-called "seamless" 3D devices, all devices on the VC now three-dimensional, covered with glass. Refining the lighting system in the VC. In addition to illumination devices introduced the panel by highlighting the "real world", ie light that really illuminates. Processed the windows in the VC, the geometry corrected, added glare and reflections. VC is almost 100% clickable. Redesigned Calculator tansy, he now has inport flaytplanov of FSX. The path to the installation folder calculator Cima> Editor punched v. 2 Complete with kalkulyatrom is taking its own documentation. Sincerely, The Writers Project of IL-86H: OMV Refining under FSX Sergei (Serg_p), Igor (gosha_z), Sergei (Sins) Visual model and VC Kirill Konovalov. Textures Kirill Konovalov and Vortex MX. The basis of NCP in the version for 2004 S. Gritsevsky. Dynamics Sergei Dubovitsky (aka Voice) Show less...

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FSX Ilyushin Il-86X Pre-release Prereliznaya version IL-86. Rating: 8.00 of 10 over a total of 1 reviews.

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March 10, 2018
great airplane