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FS2004 Rockcliffe Flying Club Ontario. FS2004 Only, modifications for the Flight Ontario Rockcliffe CYRO scenery in Ontario, Canada Made using SceneryGenX by Roger Wensley. For FS2004 only. Flight Ontario posted their scenery for Rockcliffe CYRO in 2008, having worked with all the information they had but not all the information they would have liked (the usual situation with all scenery designers, including me). Plus at the end of it all a computer hard drive crash meant that the almost-completed scenery was frozen as-it-was and could not be further modified. I learnt to fly at RFC and know Rockcliffe well so there are some additions and modifications here including the refueling point near the RFC buildings, revised apron shape, gravel car park, parked cars, extended perimeter fence, dec
Show more... k in front of the RFC clubhouse, more parked planes, the large and old willow tree, and the float dock in the river. As an aside, since the tornado in April 2009 (yes, a tornado in Ottawa!) the large and old willow tree is no more, having fallen partly on the west end of the clubhouse and entirely on the catering shed. Darn. However, this is for FS 2004 not FSX and I liked the tree, so I am keeping it in there. There is no way to properly deal with the levels issue around the float dock. The water texture will go a bit up the bank and we all just have to live with that. Getting that right just destroys the car park area and the fence. The two lighter colour areas on the southern side of the apron in the aerial pic are not concrete, so dont think I got it wrong. There are several generations of asphalt at Rockcliffe and they are all different shades, and as far as I know there is no way to replicate that. NEEDED What do you need? Well apart from FS9 not very much; preferably Ultimate Terrain as otherwise there is no proper Ottawa River close by, which would be a shame. You will need Runway12 (and the libraries) used for scenery objects such as fuel pumps, trees, parked cars and planes etc. As this modification is all about the small items there is probably little point in downloading this without using RWY12. The non-RWY12 items are the fuel tanks and crash posts (but not the pumps), apron modifications, gravel car park area, perimeter fence, clubhouse deck, and the float dock. I suggest you also get Flight Ontarios free landclass for Ontario Show less...

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