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FSX Ninoy Aquino International. Ninoy aquino international airport (naia). By oliver imperial a scenery package for fsx brief background. Naia is the traditional main entry point to the philippines (mactan international in cebu and macapagal international in pampanga has been taking a huge chunk of international passengers in recent years) its located in the outskirts of the capital city of manila. The airport grew out of nichols airbase established in the 1920s and was a major us airforce base in world war 2 (it was bombed by the japanese in a matter of hours after the bombing of pearl harbor) after the war, additional longer and wider runways were added for civilian use. The airforce retained only a small portion of the base now named villamor airbase. A much bigger area was designated t
Show more... o civilian commercial use. The airport was officially christened manila international airport although thru a congressional reorganization of districts in the 1970s the airport by some oversight now sits in between paranaque city and pasay city which upto now have legal squabbles on which city will get the revenues from the airport. The airport is a collection of three terminals built in succession thru the years. terminal 1 built in the 1980s terminal 2 in the 1990s and terminal 3 in early 2000. In 1983, the philippine senator and opposition leader benigno ninoy aquino came back home from exile in the united states to lead a civil protest against the then dictatorship of ferdinand marcos. Upon disembarking from the airplane and in plain sight of a multitude of foreign and local jopurnalists, he was felled by an assasins bullet. The graphic images of the senators bloody and limp body on the tarmac of terminal 1 incited the population into open protest which eventually toppled the dictatorship. In the 1990s the airport was renamed ninoy aquino international airport in honor of the man who inspired a nation back to democracy. Acknowledgements. Most of the beautiful terminal buildings were taken from fs2004 sceneryninoy aquino international an excemplary piece of work by Lowil Fred Espada Show less...

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