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Lockheed C-141 Starlifter. This aircraft can be flown by almost anyone, but experienced simmers will realize that the climb rate on take-off should not exceed 1, 000 f m at 150 KIAS or less. If autopilot take-off is used, climb rate will be 2, 000 f m, and will drag the tail. Set your take-off climb rate to 1, 000 f m, then increase to 2, 000 f m at about 2, 000 ft AGL. Otherwise, all ILS controls work, and long distance cruise should be at FL400W or FL410E at mach. 74. 80. All flight dynamics have been reworked based on real-world data. Please let me know if anything does not work right in the dynamics. Do not report to me problems that are not flight dynamic related! Douglas E. Trapp FS Flight Dynamics Engineer Arlington, Texas

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