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FSX Carenado C337 Skymaster G-HIVA Repaint. Repaint created for and tested on FSX. Love the 337, saw this livery and decided to recreate it to the best of my abulity. Its not perfect, but its close. Repaint by James Joblon. This does not work with any of the default FSX aircraft.

Filesize: 25.03 MB | Added on: Sep 04, 2017 | Downloads: 1464

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FSX Carenado C337 Skymaster G-HIVA Repaint. Rating: 10.00 of 10 over a total of 2 reviews.

freddielaker2rating: 10
March 2, 2018
I originally saw this some time ago and James sent me a copy, since then that has been my favoured repaint. Having seen in real life on few occasions being fan of the C337, am hoping to see future X plane, If could do it would but have no time. so many screenshots its unreal. Carenado brought joy when was created, still does.
frodonos1rating: 10
November 3, 2017
Beautiful repaint for a beautiful airplane