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Innsbruck International Airport AI Traffic Package. This is the ultimate AI Traffic package for Innsbruck Intl Airport in the Austrian Mountains. These flightplans were written according the the arrivals table on the flightstats website from Jan 1st to Jan 7th, 2012. It includes flights from the following airlines. -Austrian Airlines -Tyrolean Airlines -Easyjet -Aeroflot -Niki -British Airways -S7 Siberian -Thomas Cook -Air Berlin -Transavia -Lauda Air -Thomson Airways -Welcome Air All Flightplans are 100% exact down the the minute of the schedualed arrival time! Guaranteed! INSTALATION -Extract all of the folders in the aircraft zip file to your fs9orfsx simobjects aircraft folder -Extract. bgl file to your scenery world scenery folder -Thats it, Load up the sim and Enjoy!! For best resul
Show more... ts remove any other existing traffic files if only flying in and out of LOWI. Place them in another folder on your desktop and when done flying at Innsbruck, then you can stick them back into your scenery folder. NOTES (IMPORTANT PLEASE READ) -This has only been tested with FSX sp1, but should work on all platforms, FSX and FS9 -This has only been tested using Aerosofts Innsbruck Aproach X scenery and will likely not run so smothley with the FSX default airport since there are only a few gates in the default. -You will have other planes sitting at a gate at other airports for periods of up to a week. -This AI Traffic file is meant for flying in and out of LOWI only and also doing a lot of AI spotting. This package has over 10 hours of testing by me and I have spotted every single airline included in this package so ABSOLUTLEY EVERYTHING should work spot on!! Credits -Ryan OReilly (Organization, Flightplans, Aircraft) -Wim Deymer (Flightplans) -www. Flightstats. com (Source) -The Fruit Stand (AI Models) -AI Aardvark (AI Models) -Project AI (AI Models) -Alpha India Group (AI Models) -EvolveAI DJC (AI Models) -WOAI (AI Models Textures) -All the painters who painted all of the textures!. D Please note, I do not own all of these aircraft textures, only a few which are labeled in the aircraft. cfg file. The ones that arent painted by me have the authors name under the description of the aircraft in the aircraft. cfg file. I in no way shape or form call everything included in the package mine. The only things I can take credit for are the Flightplans. Thanks to all Questions, Comments, Concernes? Feel free to e-mail me at roreilly78athotmail. com THANKS AND ENJOY!! Show less...

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