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FSX Aeroworks ARX-1A B xStream version 2. The ARX-1 is a single seat sailplane concept in both unpowered (A model) and powered versions (B model). Both glider models make use of the variometer to detect thermals for soaring in FSX. The Concept 1 was our first concept plane, released in 2000 for FS7. The ARX-1 was originally designed after RC gliders, with basic technology from the default FS2000 Schweizer. So it does not have negative flaps, water ballast, or retractable gear. As our first Concept, it is purposely built to be incredibly simple, reliable, docile, and mildy aerobatic and features a forward fuselage and cockpit section identical to its much smaller and faster cousin, the ARX-6 Formula One pylon air racer. This package includes 11 aircraft in 2 different models with 12 schemes. By Jason L. Terry and Brady Duros.

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