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FSX DHL Boeing 757-236SF Repaint of the Posky Boeing 757-200SF in DHL (European Air Transport-EAT) livery, enrollment D-ALED cn-22179 24. discharge Aircraft with SF model. Repaint by Paul Craig

Filesize: 13.63 MB | Added on: Nov 14, 2012 | Downloads: 3972

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FSX DHL Boeing 757-236SF Repaint Posky 757-200SF European. Rating: 9.60 of 10 over a total of 5 reviews.

100002712846307-facebookrating: 10
December 20, 2013
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Windows8Userrating: 9
March 26, 2013
really cool i love the 757
wout66rating: 10
March 5, 2013
very nice job making this. looks cool
100001329290544-facebookrating: 9
February 9, 2013
really a great job on this
531871331-facebookrating: 10
November 26, 2012
very nicely done, dynamics is great and fun to fly. thanks