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Special Effects
Carenado V35B Damage Mod version 1. 0. Features includes. Engine wear Engine Damage with fire and sound effect Engine Oil use, adding oil Propeller wear with sound effect Flaps Motor Wear Flaps Motor Damage with sound effect Flaps Wear with sound effect Flaps Damage with sound effect Landing Gear Damage with sound effect Landing Gear Motor Wear Landing Gear Motor Damage Wheel Brake Right and Wheel Brake Left Damage with sound effect Flight controls Damage (Aileron, Elevator, Rudder) with sound effect AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System) Servos Wear with sound effect AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System) Servos Damage Pitot overheat (if you use pitot heat too long on ground) Pitot blockage (if you dont use pitot cover on ground) Reminder to next maintance All Damage situations will be lo
Show more... gged and saved. if you have any better sound effects for the landing gear damage or flaps wear and damage or other sound effects, please send me the sounds, i will include it if they are better. !!Before Install, Make Backup of Carenado BONANZA V35B and Carenado BONANZA V35B TIP TANKS folders!! If you have an older version installed, please uninstall this first! Installation is easy, just copy the folders Effects Gauges SimObjects Sound and paste it in to Microsoft Games Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder, when it asks for overwrite, click yes. Thanks to Doug Dawson for his dsdxmlconfig. gau and dsdfsxxmlsound. gau Thanks to the community at http. www. fsdeveloper. com forum index. php for xml tutorials This mod includes Bernt Stolles FDE mod for the V35B. Thanks to Bernt Stolle for his FDE mod. Also Thanks to Carenado for his wonderfull aircraft. www. carenado. com This is Freeware, so please make no money with them, you can modify the files you like and Please, publish it as freeware! Ismail Hakki G zel iguezelatyahoo. de visit my blog for news and updates http. v35bdamagemod. blogspot. com Show less...

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