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FSX-FS2004 Bf 109F. Friedrich Early in 1940, Messerschmitt designed a major improvement to the Bf 109. The F model was planned to include structural and aerodynamic changes and a higher performance powerplant, the 1350 horsepower DB 601E. By tucking the radiators more tightly into the wings, the designers reduced drag and improved lift. The cowling was streamlined, the spinner enlarged, the propeller blades widened and shortened, the wingtips rounded, and the tail plane bracing struts removed. About 2, 200 Friedrichs were built. GMAX mdl by A. F. Scrub

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100000039726214-facebookrating: 8
October 2, 2014
good quality i have been a long time simer and love the bf109 ok grafix control s but its free