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CFS Hawker Hector. The Hawker Hector was a variant of the Hawker Hart, but with a Napier Dagger III H-block engine, instead the Rolls-Royce Kestrel, and redesigned straight wings. The Hector saw limited service during the begins of Second World War, with the Expeditionary Auxiliary Air Force squadrons on France. The 613 Squadron used theirs Hectors to attack German troops advancing through northern France in May 1940. Two aircraft were lost in combat over Calais, before the squadron was evacuated to United Kingdom. (This virtual model was developed by Les Stone on 2008, from original of Mike Hills Hawker Hart, but I found some problems on the AIR file geometry data. the plane was jumping on the ground. I solved the problem using the Swedish Hart AIR file, modified with the Hectors geometry
Show more... and performance). Based on Mike Hill Les Stone original. Reworked to CFS, with new air file, up-scaled, damage profile, and new BMP textures by Edmundo Abad, 2012. Notes. This virtual model is up-scaled to obtain a better view in Combat Flight Simulator. (for accurate scale in FS98, replace the file Hector. mdl by Hector. old. mdl and rename this as Hector. mdl) Show less...

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