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CFS Macro Fiat SPA AS37 Autocarro Sahariano API MACRO CFS Version of a WWII ground vehicle. This light truck, called Autocarro Sahariano (Saharian Truck) was developed in 1937 for the North-African desert. It was based on the chassis of the tractor of artillery TL37. It had a very broad autonomy with vacuum (900 km) and a great capacity of water carrying. It could transport 8 men and their equipment in the back box. It should be noted that the development of truck is own initiative of FIAT and was not a request from Italian army which judged the creation of this kind of vehicle nonurgent. FIAT with supports of the marshal Italo Balbo, governor of Libya, however carried the project in its term. Its thus logically that the 200 specimens of the first batch joined Libya since 1938, and were as
Show more... signed to Commando del Sahara Libico and to Autogruppo della Tripolitania. The goal of Balbo was to equip (at a rate of 22 vehicles each) the Sahariane companies. In March 1942, 584 specimens of this small truck were in service in North Africa. The maximum number of vehicles in service reached was of 802 specimens at April 30, 1943. The 2nd company was distinguished on January 31, 1941, by the capture of major Clayton, the boss of the legendary British Long Range Desert Group (LRDG). The covered cabin of A. S. 37 were often removed on the field because too visible. Many vehicles were equipped with a Breda anti-aircraft gun of 20 65 or an anti-tank gun of 47 32 on rotary platform, in the back box. The 5 Sahariane companies will carry out the retirement of Libya towards Tunisia between December 1942 and January 1943 with their quasi complete strength. They will continue the combat in Tunisia until April 20, 1943. After armistice of September 1943, several A. S. 37 will be used by the Germans in Italy of North. A. S. 37 had good press near its crews because of the 4 drive direct wheels of large diameter which made it possible the truck to be never not imprisoned by sand, of its great autonomy which allowed the realization of missions of long distance, far behind from the frontline. The principal reproach made with this excellent vehicle was its too high silhouette and thus too easily locatable. Specifications. Crew. 2+8 Engine. 18 TL 4 cylinders gasoline 52 hp Length. 4. 67 m Width. 1. 90 m Height. 2. 65 m Weight. 3860 Kg Maximum Speed. 50 Km h Maximum Range. 870 km in load I have created this api macro with Easy Object Designer (EOD), Version 2. 2. 85 (Matthias Br ckner), to generate the static Fiat SPA AS37, with use of BMP transparent textures, oriented to CFS scenery designers and that they work with Airport 2. 0 or later. This macro was tested only in CFS1 sceneries, but I believe that can work without problems in CFS2-3 and FS2000-2002. All mine API macros, could be included on objects libraries with crash detection (for CFS missions), but must be distributed with the original API-MACRO copyright. Edmundo Abad Santiago-Chile June 2011 Show less...

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