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CFS Macro Opel Admiral Luftwaffe ambulance. CFS Version of a WWII ground vehicle. This Api macro shows the Ambulance truck on Opel-Admiral chassis, used by Luftwaffe (on blue-gray color) and Afrika Korps (on desert-sand camouflage). Opel was, since 1929, the German subsidiary company of American firm General Motors (GM). In pre-war Germany Opels role was very similar to Fords one in America Opel cars were cheap, reliable and modern, but occupying middle and small classes in German car production. Opel Admiral was introduced in 1937 as an attempt to challenge large luxury cars from Horch, Mercedes-Benz and Maybach. The car was equipped with a 3. 6 litre straight 6 with a top speed of 132 km h (82 mph). The major versions were a 4-door saloon and cabriolet, but 2-door cabriolet, pullman, fun
Show more... eral car, and other body variants were also made in small quantities by different car-body manufacturers. In 1939 the Opel factory became busy with military contracts, besides, Admiral utilized the same engine as the hightly demanded 3-tonn Opel-Blitz cargo trucks did, so the production of the Admiral was canceled. The total of 6404 Admirals were manufactured in 1937-1939. During the war Admirals were extensively used primary as senior officers staff cars, but some special military variants were built using Admiral chassis kubelwagens, different cargo and ambulance types. Note. The textures for this api macro were developed from a picture available on www. leadwarrior. com, about Opel Admirals scale model kit. I have created this api macro with Easy Object Designer (EOD), Version 2. 2. 85 (Matthias Br ckner), to generate two macros of the Opel Admiral ambulance, with use of BMP transparent textures, oriented to CFS scenery designers and that they work with Airport 2. 0 or later. This macro was tested only in CFS1 sceneries, but I believe that can work without problems in CFS2-3 and FS2000-2002. All mine API macros, could be included on objects libraries with crash detection (for CFS missions), but must be distributed with the original API-MACRO copyright. Edmundo Abad Santiago-Chile December 2011 Show less...

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