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FSX Northwest Airlines NWA Boeing 777-200LR. registration N776NW. Model by Project Open Sky. Includes VC edited by Danny Garnier. Wonderful Boeing 777-200ER P&W VC model by Project Opensky. Includes ground services (Views Instrument Panel Posky Utilities). Textures Cameron White. Happy Flying! Updated for FSX by Chris Evans

Filesize: 53.75 MB | Added on: Aug 08, 2012 | Downloads: 2553

Users Reviews
FSX Northwest Airlines NWA Boeing 777-200LR. Rating: 9.43 of 10 over a total of 7 reviews.

knightfoxrating: 7
June 4, 2016
Cannot see through windows in VC when using P3D.
100000441142758-facebookrating: 10
January 31, 2013
nice controll,good panel,and very fast
762904588-facebookrating: 9
January 28, 2013
panel is awesome
1194822675-facebookrating: 10
October 6, 2012
After you get acclimated to this bad boy, ya won t wanna fly anything else Virtually everything works, is easy manipulate and all leads the most enjoyable long haul flights one can have. In particular, working TCAS gauge, integrated into MFD, sine qua non of keeping interested. Being able monitor live traffic, while doing other usual things, adds a tremendous component mundane cruise portion that 7,000 NM hop across globe. The only thing I guess could wish for as an addition aircraft would be FMC. But buy generic FMC add on just 15. Four quirks are in plane s autopilot. ALT V S work somewhat reverse way others do. You set limit, then activate actually climb or descend. Also, probably used NAV hold button. That not here. Its LNAV achieves same result. APP with LOC may need click twice order it lock light up. Lastly, SPD function has auto limit tries force exceed speed 0.84M. This overridden if really want to, but know don t. Take her up FL380 FL410 cruise. She climbs beautifully at 2400 around FL300, remainder 1500. rocks.
muhammad.sarosh1-googlerating: 10
September 27, 2012
Wow, good work I would highly reccomend this 777
briannippert-googlerating: 10
August 28, 2012
I have found this addon to be the best 777 out there
azframerrating: 10
August 8, 2012
This is what I found with this plane Some things that will mess you setting altitude on auto pilot. When set have to turn VS and roll rate of climb in, but when do Alt hold light goes off, don t sweat it, once hit alt off comes back altitude. Spend some time heading select too, am still trying work out, the only bug see in pilot, button lights up not on, click center dial knob itself on. Other than it pure eye candy while flying it. Just take note o say if there a fix for let me know.