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FSX FS2004 Mustang P-51a. On September 9, 1940, only 102 days after the contract had been signed, the NA-73X prototype was rolled out though still waiting for its engine. The new fighter was named Mustang by the British, and the first British version was designated Mustang I. As soon as it was available, the 1, 120hp Allison V-171 0-39 power plant was installed, and engine and taxi tests began. By comparison, Mustangs with the Allison engine could outperform the Merlin-powered variants below 15, 000 feet. When production of the Allison-engined Mustang ended, 1580 examples had been built. GMAX mdl by A. F. Scrub

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September 24, 2012
Cool, i love these babies They had a Packard V 1650 engine, producing 1500hp. The thing was based on the RR Merlin, but nevertheless. She handles very nicely, she is aggile, swift and elegant. You could try re play famous flights D