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Complete Aircraft with Virtual Cockpit
Boeing 747-8i Lufthansa. For users of FSPassengers. INSTALL THE PAYLOAD MODEL Copy and paste the 747-8i. ini and 747-8i. jpg files into your FSPassengers payloadmodel directory. INSTALL THE SEATBELT SWITCH INTO THE VIRTUAL COCKPIT Copy and paste the following text. gauge21 FsPassengers2004!cab insign, 667, 9, 38, 35 into the. .. b747-8i panel panel. cfg file, underneath the [VCockpit01] section. This is located at the bottom of the file, so youll have to scroll down a bit. Be sure to place it on its own line, below the gauge20. .. line. Next, if you havent done so already, copy the FsPassengers2004. gau file into you Gauges folder.

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