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Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport (KBKL). This was made using Google sketch up 8, Airport Facilitator X and Instant Scenery 2. Burke Lakefront Airport is a general aviation airport located next to Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio. I have made custom 3D buildings using Google sketch up for the airport. All the buildings have photo textures to make it closer to real life. I also put static aircraft on the ramp, airport vehicles and more fuel trucks. I added more parking and fuel spots. I also made a parking lot full of cars. If you choose to start off at a DOCK gate, you will start off inside one of the custom hangars. Starting off or taxiing inside of a hangar will cause a crash (unless you have crashes turned off). I also added a helipad located near the FBO. I have also included the aviation
Show more... high school, that is located at the northeast, and boats that are right next to it in the water. There will be more objects at the airport if your scenery complexity is set to normal (such as vehicles, aircraft, and fuel trucks). Tower veiw is from the roof of the control tower. This was all made based on Google Earth satellite imagery and Bing Maps. There are no night textures for the custom buildings. These will be added in a future version. Please read the readme for instructions on how to install. (The instructions are not the same to how you would normally install. This is for flight simulator X only. By Tyler Lawrence. Installation. To install this folow these instructions exactly in the same order as they are listed. 1) Hightlight the two. bgl files 2) Cut and paste (or drag and drop) them to your desktop. 3) Cut and paste (or drag and drop) the. bgl files to your Addon Sceneryscenery folder. 4) Open up the Textures folder that is in the. zip file. You should see a bunch of. dds files inside of it. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OF THE. dds FILES. 5) Once you are in the Textures folder, press CTRL+A to highlight every thing inside tho folder. 6) Cut and paste the. dds files to your Addon Scenery exture folder. DO NOT DRAG AND DROP THEM. 7) That is it. Enjoy Now you can ethier delete the pictures, or put them in your PicturesFlight Simulator X Files folder Uninstallation. To uninstall this, go to your Addon Sceneryscenery folder and delete the AFXKBKL. bgl file and the Burke. bgl file. Then, the default airport will be active. Author. Tyler Lawrence (age 12) E-mail. bmlawrence30atcomcas t. net Show less...

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