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FSX Cessna 172 N4179H Repaint. Description. This is a reapaint for the default Cessna 172 in the fictional N4179H. It is a maroon Cessna 172 with some black. The livery and the tail number are fictional. There are instructions on how to install in the readme file. By Tyler Lawrence. Installation. To install this, move the texture. N4179H folder to your SimObjectsAirplanesC 172 folder. Then open the aircraft. cfg folder and add the following after the [fltsim] paragraphs. Then replace the x in [fltsim. x] with the next available number. [fltsim. x] title Cessna Skyhawk Maroon sim Cessna172SP model panel sound texture N4179H kbchecklists Cessna172SPcheck kbreference Cessna172SPref atcid N4179H uimanufacturer Cessna uitype C172SP Skyhawk uivariation Maroon, Black (N4179H) uityperole Single En
Show more... gine Prop uicreatedby Microsoft Corporation description A stable and trustworthy plane, most pilots have logged at least a few hours in a Cessna 172, since its the most widely available aircraft in the rental fleet, and is used by most flight schools. Since the first prototype was completed in 1955, more than 43, 000 C172s have been produced, making it the worlds most popular single-engine plane. One of Cessnas first tricycle-gear airplanes, the 172 quickly became the favorite of a growing class of business pilots. Its reliability and easy handling (along with thoughtful engineering and structural updates) have ensured its continued popularity for decades. Author. Tyler Lawrence (age 12) E-mail bmlawrence30atcomcas t. net If you have any questions or comments please E-mail. Show less...

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FSX Cessna 172 N4179H Repaint. Rating: 1.00 of 10 over a total of 1 reviews.

simkingrating: 1
September 27, 2012
Well, this file managed to destroy .cfg file. Thanks man.