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Airport Vehicles FS9 scenery object library compiled by Sidney Schwartz. sidney. schwartzatcomcast. net Some typical airport vehicles downloaded from the Google 3-D Warehouse and converted for use as FS9 scenery objects. I made olive drab versions of most of them for use at military facilities. Please read Google3-DWarehouse. pdf for more information, and warehouseairportvehi clesauthors. pdf for author credits. IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT There are two different installation procedures for this scenery object library, RWY12 and Everyone Else. The RWY12 instructions are ONLY for those who will be using the RWY12 software to place these scenery objects in FS9. Install the library using the RWY12 procedure ONLY if you are creating your own scenery using RWY12! If you are installing the lib
Show more... rary because you have downloaded a scenery that requires it, follow the Everyone Else installation procedure! The Everyone Else installation procedure is for users of EZ-Scenery, Instant Scenery, and pretty much any other software that can be used to place scenery library objects in FS9, EXCEPT RWY12. It is also for anyone who is not creating their own scenery but is installing this library because they have downloaded a scenery that requires it. I have also included some files to make it easier to use these objects with Luis S s Sbuilder and Jon Scruffyduck Mastersons Airport Design Editor 9x. Show less...

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