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Lufthansa Boeing 737-900. PROJECT OPENSKY BOEING 737-900ER Passenger V1 for FS2004 and FSX Copyrights. This aircraft is made by Project OpenSky Tested. Project-Opensky Members Painted. Leony Eka Features (in depth). Fully animated control surfaces Fully independent suspension Nose gear steering Trim Animation Opening Passenger Doors Dynamic flexing wings Rolling wheels Animated thrust reversers Fully reflective textures (each part has different degree of reflection based on material) Accurate flight dynamics (accurate FDE with full profiles for wheels, tires, struts, leading trialing struts, engine types. .. Tested by real pilots. ) Accurate spoiler animation Detailed textures Full night lighting Visible landing lights from the thingypit Reflective thingypit windows Crash affects Transpare
Show more... nt Nav light lenses For contact and information visit our webpage. http. www. projectopensky. com Install. FOR FS2004. Just unzip the file and send this folder to the FS2004 AIRCRAFT FOLDER. FOR FSX. Just unzip the file and send this folder to the FSX Simobjects Airplanes Folder. Operation. How to operate the Doors (Pax Cargo). Shift +E is main door. Shift +E+2 is Airstair. Shift +E+3 is Cargo door. When using only Main door Just push Shift+E When using Airstair and main door Shift+E+2 first and exten the air stair. And after this Shift + E to open the door and extend the handrails. Pushback. Shift+P COPYRIGHT AND DISTRIBUTION This aircraft is released as FREEWARE. Copyright (C) Project OpenSky. Show less...

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Rugwedrating: 10
February 13, 2012
I have obly one thing to say....AWESOME