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FS2004 Piper Cherokee Six 300 (version 2). This model is based on the late 1960s version of the Cherokee 6-300. The model is not intended to be an exact replica of the Piper Cherokee Six, although I did try to do the best I could within my ability. I have used bits and pieces from differnt spec sheets to create this model, and it does have extended fuel capacity of 102 gallons instead of 94. IMPORTANT. I am not a professional developer. I do this as a hobby, and for the enjoyment of flight simulation. This file comes with NO guarantee, implied or otherwise. Most all of my creations are created to run on my computer first, therefore, they are not hugely graphic, and incredibly detailed like some files that are offered at other sites. My files are intended for use for the average to low-end
Show more... systems, and are not huge in size. They will work wonderfully on the more powerful systems, but are geared so that even those with low end systems can use them. About this model. First of all.. .. .. . this model is not perfect. I attempted this aircraft without the use of 3view drawings, and based most of my modeling on different photos, which were of different models, and variants. I realize that there are probably many short comings on this model, but for general flight simulation, it is pretty decent. The flight dynamics make up for the lack of modeling ability, as this aircraft seems to fly pretty well (considering I have never been in a cherokee six, and all data was based on info from the web, and from a few actual pilots) About the Panel. This panel was created using an actual photo from a cherokee. I have placed some gauges in non-realistic locations for use within the sim. About the Flight Dynamics. I tried to get the flight dynamics as close as possible on this aircraft. Certainly, there are flaws, but for the most part, I believe the aircraft flys much like a real Cherokee Six. One thing the I had trouble with is lightness in the nose, so at times the aircraft may require quite a bit of trim. The other thing, is that in its empty configuration, the aircraft has a very hard time getting a stall warning. The nose will go down before the horn blows, however, when you load the aircraft up, the plane seems to stall as I beleive is normal. ENJOY! KNOWN ISSUES. I know that the doors on this aircraft are not perfect. This was my first attempt at doors, and I have much to learn about getting pre-thinking a model. I did what I could with the points and polys that I had left myself from the original model. The alignment isnt perfect, but it is what it is. I also have had trouble getting a stall warning. It may be the gauge I used on the panel, or settings on my computer, but the aircraft will stall, only not always give the horn. The VC is still basic. It is very functional, just not the most pretty thing you will ever look at. Give me time, and I will learn to do VCs much better. At this time, I feel the aircraft flys pretty well. INSTALL. extract to your FS2004 folder, and the files should be created right where they need to go. It will create a folder called Cherokee Six V2. If you have previously installed the older version of my Cherokee Six, this model will work with those textures. Simply copy the MODEL folder, and paste it into, and overwrite the model folder of the previous version. The GAUGES will be in the PANEL folder, as to not overwrite any you may have already. If you have trouble seeing gauges, simply move them to your main GAUGE directory. All gauges are default, except for the a few gauges I have found here and there.. .. .. I am sorry but I have no documents to the creaters of those gauges, but if you are one of the gauge designers, I give you all the credit you deserve. Model and bitmaps including the panel are copyright Fred Choate. Air file and aircraft. cfg are by Fred Choate, based on Microsoft templates The wings of this aircraft were created by Rien Cornelissen from one of his Piper Aircraft, and the textures for the wings are also modified from his. Also, the left and right landing gear parts are modeled from parts that Rien did, although textures are mine. The pilot figure is that of Dave Eckerts, with a few mods by me. The prop and seats are by Brian Gladden I believe. THIS PACKAGE IS OFFERED AS FREEWARE, AND IS NOT TO BE PLACED ON ANY CD OR OTHERWISE USED TO PROFIT. Fred Choate Montana Air http. www. flightsimnetwork. com montair mtairathotmail. com Show less...

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purpleponcarating: 9
October 3, 2011
this addon was made and uploaded by me Lloyd Horton, they posted it as fred choate, but that the original readme file, enjoy anyway