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FSX Harrier VTOL Hover for Sigma Iris Harrier. This freeware judge adds new VTOL & loom features to the FS9 payware Sigma Iris Harrier. likewise admittedly erect takeoff&landing, it allows you to fly forward-moving, backwards, sidewise and release, spell in a brood. This root is based on paramount the formula FS flightdynamics spell in a hover; in abruptly, its a VTOL&Hover FDE coded in a guess. particular (a) thanks to Doug Dawson, who created a guess that provides for paramount FSX variables from an XML caliber. Requires FSUIPC4 (registered or unregistered, NOT included). The README includes extended induction and waving instructions, including how to port your FS9 interpretation of the Harrier to FSX. likewise the VTOL standard of measurement, it as well adds a fuel dump load guess, a estimate that lets you switch the erect ViewDirection in the 2D Cockpit, and replacements for two FSX-incompatible gauges in the master Harrier packet. By Rob Barendregt.

Filesize: 3.29 MB | Added on: Jul 23, 2011 | Downloads: 8112

Users Reviews
FSX Harrier VTOL Hover Sigma Iris. Rating: 8.08 of 10 over a total of 13 reviews.

labpadrerating: 9
March 4, 2017
Love the Harrier
feral.sullivan-googlerating: 9
November 7, 2013
very good plane i like
100003339950591-facebookrating: 7
August 30, 2013
installed, good quality but vtol won t work properly
somdechrating: 10
April 9, 2013
jump jet
100000281595553-facebookrating: 4
April 16, 2012
every time i try to install it says s damaged
tonysky5-googlerating: 10
April 9, 2012
oh no... Mw2 all over again
burnoutrating: 3
March 18, 2012
how do you install it
muhogorating: 5
October 13, 2011
sanclaro number one
100000553767684-facebookrating: 9
September 21, 2011
soar645rating: 10
August 26, 2011
i have downloaded this plane and it is real cool would recommend to anyone that likes jump jets
grumbledukerating: 9
August 25, 2011
Possibly the best Harrier flightsim I have tried. It is very responsive and when required for those delicate movements or tight areas will perform as required. Detailing good, adding onto FSX easy. Definitely one to recommend.
valtsu9797rating: 10
July 30, 2011
this is so awesome
airbusa390rating: 10
July 28, 2011
very cool