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FSX f-35 lighting joint strike fighter. is an original fs2004 archive i have converted it work on flight simulator X but as beieng my first download its not very good it could be called the marine corps addition becuase the marines f-35 does not do vertical takeoff well neither does this one the nozzle and fans open but it will only take-off normally if you can fix this problem please feel free to but please credit me and the original designer Colin Thwaites also the textures are very low tech im sorry i couldnt do anything about that otherwise its a great airplane and pretty fun to fly but thats my own opinion

Filesize: 48.06 MB | Added on: Jul 03, 2011 | Downloads: 4996

Users Reviews
FSX f-35 lighting joint strike fighter. Rating: 6.60 of 10 over a total of 10 reviews.

fastflugrating: 1
May 13, 2019
whatojimmyrating: 8
April 3, 2019
Great plane which you can get to hover if press F8. The F 35 work just like a jet of the past.
labpadrerating: 9
March 4, 2017
Nice model. Gauges
somdechrating: 10
April 9, 2013
jump jet
grunt94rating: 3
January 12, 2013
in my opinion just a great reconstruction of the militartys new fighter
1658619314-facebookrating: 10
October 1, 2012
sctuslly the one for marine corp is only that has vtol capabilities, also it does hover you just need to hit flap more
hosfieldrating: 4
April 1, 2012
hate it because will not let me down load
100002329121196-facebookrating: 9
March 17, 2012
The plane s outside appearance isn t terribly high quality and there no VC, but aside from that it a pretty solid once you learn how to use it. vertical takeoff landing is really fun, can hit around 900 knots IAS when cruising.
100000139720563-facebookrating: 9
March 16, 2012
i dont know why u say is bad, for ur fist plane its excelent, the only thing may do to make a funcional vc
Jordan12345rating: 3
November 18, 2011
I couldn t get it to work on Fx